Customized DeFi Solutions
Boss the decentralized finance with our Customized DeFi development services.
Build platforms with features such as staking, NFT Marketplace, and more.
ERC20/BEP20 Token Development

Our team consists of expert Solidity developers and blockchain architects with the technical prowess for complex projects. Get your ERC-20 token for any blockchain that support this standard which includes Ethereum, BSC, Kucoin, & Polygon.

NFT Token & Marketplace

ERC-721/998/1155 development for existing marketplaces such as and Or get your own NFT marketplace to let your community trade your NFTs and earn royalities.

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contracts are applicable in various industries such as Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Logistics, etc., and bring a bunch of benefits to the fore. Transparency, immutability, fast transactions & above all reliability.

DAPPS Development

DAPPS runs on the technology of blockchain with zero downtime. The main theme behind the technology is that the data does not accumulate in a centralized place. All the data lives on a decentralized blockchain and nobody owns the data.

Crowdfunding DAPP

Need to raise funds for your upcoming project? Crowdfunding is a raise fund for your projects. KWS crowdfunding DAPP lets you create a fully-featured white label crowdfunding platform where you can seamlessly raise funds for your causes or help others out by hosting their projects.

Uniswap/Pancakeswap Clone

Get your own Automated Market Maker (AMM) or just a fork to let users swap tokens at your platform, bringing enhanced engagement and trust to your project. Cloning AMM with a router also lets you host other tokens and earn from each trade.

ICO/IDO Dashboard

We can build a highly customized ICO/STO Dashboard to suit your ICO/STO cam while giving you high levels of flexibility and practicality, our ICO/STO Dashboard you with a completely plug-n-play experience to run your successful fundraising campaign.

Crosschain Bridge

The future is cross-chain and our bridge smart contract development services allow you to send your tokens across blockchains. But why? Bridge smart contract development allows you to create robust decentralized applications that any user can use especially on chains with lower gas costs.

DeFi Lending DAPP

The decentralized lending scene is growing by the second and is only going to gather momentum in the years to come. Make an impact on global financial markets and be the first Defi Borrowing platform to make it to the big leagues of finance.


It is imperative in the current space to ensure that the code works the way it should and that no undue advantage can be taken by the contract writers or that any lapse on their part doesn't cost investors heavily. The audit aims to nip the issue in the bud by providing recommendations to improve Smart Contract security and fix vulnerabilities. KWS provides Coinscope. Coinscope is widely recognized as a Blockchain Protocol Audit Authority with partnerships in major Launchpads.


Know Your Customer (KYC) is the process of identity verification of the project owners KWS provides KYC services in partnership with Coinscope to verify the identity aiming to bring safety to the crypto world.